The advantages of Kazarcom roller shutters:

Uncompromising safety
As a result of application of numerous solutions of blocking shutters raising and  shutters control, the roller shutters improve the building safety level.

Perfect acoustic insulation
Roller shutters guarantee reduction in the perceived noise, ensuring silence and comfort thanks to their stable structure ang high-quality components used in the production.

Perfect thermal insulation
The application of top production materials represents and investment in energy  efficiency and in decreased energy consumption in the building, which significantly reduces heating costs.

Tests conducted at ITB have confirmed that IGLO 5 window with Uw= 0,99 W/(m2K) coefficient with drawn shutters had thermal transmittance
coefficient at 0,75 W/(m2K) level*.

Quality and aesthetics
Beautiful style, innovative approach to design and roller shutters functionality constitute their key strengths. They guarantee elegance and comfort in operation for many years thanks to the modern design solutions and perfect manufacturing at all production stages.

Usage comfort
We offer a possibility to control roller shutters with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone, manually or with an electric engine, which allows to use the roller shutters with ease and comfort.

*for a window of 1500 mm x 1500 mm according the ITB test

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The system of adaptation aluminum roller shutters

The system of external aluminum roller shutters has been designed for already existing buildings or buildings under construction. The roller shutter is made of aluminum and it is available in various shades of RAL palette and wood-like colors.

The system of external PVC shutters

External PVC roller shutters is a system of shutters integrated with the window. It may be applied for buildings under construction or when exchanging windows. The wide color range of the boxes and guide rails made of PVC and of aluminum armors, as well as various roller drives and protection fulfill all Clients’ expectations and the requirements of modern construction.

Modern design

Roller shutters more and more often are applied both in modern construction as well as classic structures. Their numerous advantages regarding safety, usage comfort and elegant design determine popularity of this solution. Thoughtfully designed structure of Kazarcom external roller shutters is the work of own research and development department and it ensures great system functionality.

Aluminum slats of the roller shutter, filled with polyurethane foam, are available in wide color range that allows to match the roller shutter to the building style. There is a possibility to apply end slats in the same color, which significantly improves aesthetic qualities and the look of the whole roller shutter. High quality and the stability of the slats guarantee perfect energy efficiency, durability and resistance to wind load. Additionally, the wide color range of the roller shutter slats determines its elegant finish and the solution’s aesthetics.

Smart systems

Equipping the roller shutter with the option of smart control with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone is gaining more and more popularity with clients. It allows us to control the system remotely when we are out. There is a possibility to open and close the roller shutters individually or in groups as well as with a timer and to integrate them with other smart systems at home. It is an investment in usage, comfort and top functionality.

Wire control


For individual wire control we use a switch or key control and automatic central and time control devices. There is a possibility of manual control of the roller shutter with a belt, a crank, or a belt with crank gearing. By a simple switch exchange with a built-in radio set we may also complete the steering with a remote control.

Wireless control


By far the most comfortable solution is RTS radio control that allows to steer the roller shutters centrally or individually. Various groups may be created, e.g. to control the shutters on the eastern and western side of the building separately. It is also possible to control them from different points and change them according to one’s preference. Smart control includes roller shutters steering with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone, which is particularly convenient when we are out and it enables full control of the system.

The smart solutions in shutters control also include atmospheric sensors, which allows for uncompromised comfort in case of weather change.

Tradition and experience



Kazarcom has been producing systems of PVC and aluminum roller shutters for over 20 years. The original structures are the work of our own research and development department. Full control over the production process enables constant quality supervision and care for each detail of the technological process. Kazarcom roller shutters stand out for quality and functionality that respond to Clients’ needs, and long-time  experience is reflected in their reliability and modern design.



Professional and efficient service is Kazarcom’ showcase. The company has gained trust and great reputation for years, in Poland and abroad, offering high-quality products and quick and comprehensive service of its products all over Europe.



Warranty of a few years for PVC and aluminum roller shutters is a guarantee of their comfortable usage and it proves the company responsibility for the product. This solution ensures safety and usage durability for years.