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7-chamber, A-class profile, made exclusively from primary material with wing depth of 82 mm.

MB-70/70 HI the folding systems

The folding door system allows to execute aesthetic, user-friendly structures that also enable to use the building space very efficiently. This solution is perfect for balconies, terraces or winter gardens, as well as public and commercial buildings.

MB-86 Fold Line folding system

The aluminum system constitutes a perfect solution for building up balconies, terraces and winter gardens. It is made of resistant and rigid aluminum profiles. It enables to open the door outwards.

Tilt and slide MB-70/70 HI systems

The aluminum tilt and slide doors ensure optimum daylight both in big and small rooms. The structures may be applied in individual building as well as in aluminum facades.

Lift and slide MB-77 HS/77 HS HI systems

The system is a solution that offers a comfortable access to the balcony, terrace or the garden space, as well as a lot of daylight in the rooms. It works perfectly in single-family houses, as well as luxurious apartments and hotels.


MB-23P is an aluminum system designed for balcony glazing offering open balconies protection from wind, rain, residues and extensive noise. It also improves home safety standards making it more difficult for intruders to enter, especially in the ground-floor apartments.


The MB-SLIDE and MB-SLIDE ST have been designed to meet the needs of users with its easy to operate functions and single or double sliding doors and windows that offer flexibility for variety of project applications.

Folding doors

They can feature open in option when they are based on one of MB-59S, MB-60, MB-70 aluminum profiles or the open out when they employ MB-59S Casement solution.