The Wood and aluminum Duoline system is an expression of innovative solutions offering the perfect combination of aluminum and the aesthetics of wood. The system fulfills the strict requirements of energy efficient and passive buildings. Duoline is characterized by the classic shape of aluminum edges, typical for modern constructions and the latest trends in architecture. The possibility to select pine or mahogany profile and a thickness of 68mm, 78mm or 88mm offer excellent opportunities to create various technical solutions. The external aluminum cover, resistant to weather conditions and the proper connecting system increase the window stability and improve static parameters as well as energy efficiency and sound insulation. The system offers a wide range of design regarding shapes and colors, which enables to integrate the window with the building façades.

  1. Covers: the system is equipped with Mira Contour aluminum covers, resistant to weather conditions. The shape of the covers increases the profile rigidity and ensures attractive design, and in combination with wood it guarantees great thermal insulation.
  2. Glazing: the option to apply 1-, 2-, and even 3-chamber glass packages.
  3. Ferrules: as a standard – TPE and EPDM ferrules.
  4. Profile: made of pine or meranti wood, laminated in three or four layers, with the 68 mm, 78 mm and 88 mm installation depth.

Did you know that…

Duoline system is the result of months of work of the company R&D department and it stands out for modern structure, durability and great  technical parameters that comply with the requirements of energy-efficient and passive buildings.

The advantages of Softline and Duoline systems:

Innovative design, extraordinary elegance, functionality and vast possibilities to select colors for the interior and exterior thanks to wide color  range of aluminum and wood.

Modern solutions, i.a. innovative Maco Multi Matic KS ferrules, guarantee enhanced burglary protection.

Perfect Quality
The high quality components applied in both systems, i.a. the use of selected wood, guarantee perennial, reliable durability.

Construction stability
Laminated profile for Softline and the solid wood and aluminum construction for Duoline ensure outstanding woodwork stability.

Energy efficiency
Materials and solutions adopted in both systems, i.a. the innovative sealing system, guarantee great thermal insulation parameters:

  • for Duoline system – at 0,79 W/(m2K)* level
  • for Softline system – at 0,80 W/(m2K)* level

The applied profile, ecological varnish with primer and impregnation against pest and fungus, and aluminum board that protects the wood against UV rays and water flowing from the glass, ensure perennial woodwork durability and solidity.

* Coefficient calculated with the application of 4/18/4/18/4 – 0.5 W/(m2K) package for reference window Duoline 88 mm /Softline 88 1230 x 1480 made of meranti wood