Winter gardens

The modern Kazarcom Windows aluminum system enables to create winter gardens, hothouses and verandas that stand out for maximum access to daylight and high energy efficiency. The system may come as model structures and individually designed architectural solutions.

MB-WG 60 system

The main idea of the system is the possibility to build a warm roof based on modern aluminum profiles and full integration of the structure with the aluminum and PVC window and door systems.

High-quality structure profiles allow to shape even most sophisticated design geometry. The basic idea of winter gardens lies in their great parameters regarding safety, thermal insulation and ventilation, regardless of weather conditions.

The system stands out for freedom in choice of colors and glazing types, which enables to match the arrangement to Clients’ expectations and architectural trends. The individually devised garden structure, made of aluminum resistant to adverse weather conditions, guarantees high stability and durability for years, and the modern and aesthetic structure with an integrated system for draining rain water determines the project functionality.

The system advantage is also the possibility to equip windows and doors in the winter garden with a smart control system, i.e. with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone, which improves the usage comfort in the room.

Profile: aluminum profile with a thermal break

Glass: the possibility to apply glass with increased sound insulation, hardened, safe, anti-burglary, ornament, anti-sun glass

Frame: as a standard steel galvanized frame

Seal: EPDM seal

Color range: RAL color range and wood-grain coating from Kazarcom Color Collection