The system of external aluminum roller shutters has been designed for already existing buildings or buildings under construction. The roller shutter is made of aluminum and it is available in various shades of RAL palette and wood-like colors. Its stable structure ensured by the application of high-quality materials and thoughtfully designed construction, the work of own research and development department, allows to match any architectural style. Thanks to high thermal insulation Kazarcom aluminum roller shutters constitute a great energy efficient barrier and they are suited for thermal insulation and passive constructions.

Types of adaptation roller shutters


  • available in: 137, 165 and 180 mm (the box width and height)
  • is characterized by the special cut-off box that removes the right angle


  • available in: 139×145; 167×171; 182×190 mm (the box width and height)
  • the oval shape matches perfectly the delicate construction elements


  • available in: 137, 165 or 180 mm (the box width and height)
  • may be assembled in a number of ways thanks to the opening valve at the bottom of the box
  • possibility to assemble it at the front of the box

System specification

  1. The box constitutes a decorative element and it matches the building façade thanks to the wide color range.
  2. Access to the box for the 45o and oval roller shutter is at the front, and for the recessed roller shutter – at the bottom, which enables to build it in completely.
  3. The box and the guide are available in the wide RAL color range and woodgrain colors. Thanks to that, roller shutters stand out for aesthetics and modern look.
  4. The armor is made of aluminum profiles, filled with polyurethane foam, is rolled inside the box fitted on the wall or in the window frame,  which improves the system energy efficiency qualities.
  5. The end slat is available in various colors in the RAL color range, which improves consistency and elegance of the structure.
  6. There is the possibility to install a mosquito net integrated with the roller shutter, which determines higher functionality and usage comfort.

Did you know that …

Kazarcom aluminum roller shutters perfectly comply with requirements of smart building. The possibility to control roller shutters with a tablet, a smartphone or a remote control and connect them with the alarm system improve the woodwork usage comfort and determine their safety level.