The range of sliding and folding doors offered by the Kazarcom are modern openings based on standard MB selection of aluminum profiles. Their large size of glass panels allows for great amount of light to come in while the parallel opening of the sliding leaf offer space saving and great functionality. They are silent and easy to operate.


The MB-SLIDE and MB-SLIDE ST have been designed to meet the needs of users with its easy to operate functions and single or double sliding doors and windows that offer flexibility for variety of project applications. They are suitable for installation in masonry wall and aluminum facades. They can also be used as part of winter gardens and commercial windows.

Features and benefits:

  • silent, smooth operation
  • range from 2 to 6 pane options to meet all key applications and specifications needs
  • ability to combine with different MB systems
  • mosquito protection option
  • great number of color option, dual color options

Technical specification

Depth of Frame (door/window): 50 i 97
Depth of Leaf (door/window): 37
Glazing range mm (fixed window and operating door/window): 22-26

Min visible width T profile
Door/window frame: 44,5
Door/window leaf: 68,5

Max size of door and tilt turn window
Max size of windows (HxW): 2600 mm x 1800 mm
Max weight of door/window leaf: 160 kg