Original, modern door panels.

Kazarcom offers a wide range of PVC doors both in Iglo 5 and Iglo Energy systems that stand out for modern design responding to current architectural trends. The company has developed its own, original door panel systems for PVC doors. The doors match perfectly the building architecture and style of the interior thanks to wide color range,  various panels and modern fittings, as well as a number of extra accessories. It is easy to create a custom-made project.

Features of Kazarcom door systems

Iglo Energy

The five-chamber A-class profile and the modern design mean that Iglo Energy entrance door is a synonym of high energy efficiency, beautiful design, aesthetics and perfect functionality. Great thermal insulation properties are the result of i.a. the application of high quality construction materials as well as the specially designed aluminum threshold with a thermal break and an innovative sealing system. It is the world-first solution in such a system that applies a central gasket made of foamed EPDM*. The doors stand out for high safety level thanks to the 3-point automatic espagnolette from the renowned MACO company. They are characterized by high level of resistance thanks to the application of HAPS P700 hinges made of drawn aluminum, whereas the wide offer of door panels allows the door to satisfy requirements of Clients all over the world.

Iglo 5

Iglo 5 entrance door in the three-chamber system is perfect for those who do not want to compromise when it comes to aesthetics or safety. The modern Iglo 5 doors are also a combination of beauty, innovative solutions and functionality. At the same time the big reinforcement chambers enable to apply a reinforcement that guarantees the proper resistance, and the 3-point automatic espagnolette increases safety level. IGLO 5 doors constitute an investment in aesthetics, since they may be equipped with modern door panels that, combined with the wide color range and extra accessories, allow everyone to find the perfect solution matching their expectations and imagination.

Additional options:

We offer the warm aluminum threshold equipped with a thermal break that protects the door against freezing and it reduces heat loss. Its low height guarantees perfect functionality.

Our offer includes various colors and designs of handles, knob-handles and hand-rails. The wide choice allows to give elegant and individual character to the house entrance,
matching Clients’ taste.

There is an option of smart door control, opening and closing – with a fingerprint reader, with Bluetooth, a remote control or a tablet. The control systems are fully compatible with alarm systems at home and other automatic control.

Advantages of Iglo doors

Modern design
The rounded, elegant profile lines and the possibility to apply both classic panels and solutions in modern styles. We offer a wide choice of hand-rails, handles, knob-handles and extra accessories. The wide color range of the doors, combined with the possibility to choose among many styles of panels, and the various extra options that may enhance the door design, give the possibility to customize the project.

High functionality
Steel reinforcement in the door and the high-quality components ensure usage comfort. Iglo Energy door is equipped with cutting-edge Z-TF MF-BO door locks from the renown MACO company that have extra multifunction latches and two steel bolts which ensure optimum and constant pressure all over the door height! After closing the sash is held at three points.

Perfect energy efficiency
The multi-chamber profile structure and the innovative sealing method made of foamed EPDM (for Iglo Energy door) improve the thermal insulation properties of the door. As a standard – a warm threshold with a thermal break that reduces heat loss.

High safety level
As a standard we offer a three-point espagnolette with a system of triple lock. Safety is guaranteed by high quality fittings from the renowned MACO company and the hinges that protect the sash against removal. The application of minimum three HAPS P700 hinges made of drawn aluminum (for Iglo Energy door) on the sash and of an aluminum threshold improves the door resistance.

Optimum structure and stability
Each model of door panels is manufactured of an HPL2 board/PUR foam/1mm aluminum sheet/PUR foam/ HPL2 board. The applications are made exclusively of stainless steel with various decorations, and thanks to the two-sided use, the doors look great both on the outside and on the inside of the room. The panel thickness is as much as 36 mm.