The advantages of Iglo-HS system:

Modern design offering the possibility to produce large-size glazing that guarantees maximum access to daylight.

Great functionality and comfortable usage thanks to the technological advancement of the profile and the modern fittings system.

Lightness and tightness of the structure, owing to the specially designed system of guide rails and velour EPDM sealing that ensures the perfect thermal parameters and prevents the sticking of the seals in low temperatures.

Safety is guaranteed thanks to the stable construction elements, even with the sash weighing 400 kg.

The elegant and modern design, as a result of high quality profile and the wide range of colours and accessories.

Perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive buildings due to the optimum structure of the A-class profile and high-quality sealing.

Woodwork durability and long term easy usage thanks to the high quality profiles, made exclusively of prime material.

System specification:

Reinforcement made of high quality aluminum profiles with steel thermal breaks.

Special construction of the upper guide rail prevents the sash from prising.

7-chamber, A-class profile, made exclusively from primary material with wing depth of 82 mm.

As a standard – glass package 4/18/4/18/4 with the transmit tance coef f icient of U=0,5 W/(m²K). The option to apply a threeglass package with U=0,3 W/(m2K) The option to apply Swisspacer Ultimate warm frame that improves the system energy efficiency.

PVC threshold with aluminium reinforcement and cover of good thermal parameters.

Iglo-HS doors, produced basing on own technology of 7-chamber A class profiles, made exclusively of primary material, constitute a perfect solution for the trendy large-size terrace and balcony glazing.

The system is a perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive buildings due to great parameters regarding energy-efficiency. Iglo-HS doors ensure perfect access to natural light and facilitate the design of the interiors, maintaining the construction stability, functionality, and lightness. Sliding of the huge sashes does not require significant effort thanks to the tailormade fittings and two independent guide rails.

Additionally, the system is equipped with special velour seals, uncommon with other woodwork producers.

This kind of sealing improves the system parameters regarding energy-efficiency and sound insulation, and it prevents the sticking of the seals in low temperatures.

The doors have a PVC and aluminum threshold that prevents buckling between the door and the floor, and it enables to align the threshold with the floor. The special threshold structure of PVC profile and reinforcing aluminium profile improves the thermal insulation and creates a barrier against thermal bridges.

The doors in lift and slide Iglo-HS system stand out for their inimitable design and elegance owing to the high-quality profiles, wide colour range and elegant accessories. The unique style of the system is emphasised

by the aluminium handles, hand-rails and knob-handles.

The combination of various models and diverse colours offers the opportunity to create individual style matching the Clients’ needs and trends in interior design.

Did you know that…

Iglo-HS patio doors are equipped with special velour seals that are widespread in automotive industry. Kazarcom Windows is the first producer in the industry to have applied velour seals in the system, which improves the parameters regarding energy-efficiency and sound insulation.