Iglo Energy window is an original product from Kazarcom Windows. It has an innovative sealing system that guarantees great parameters in energy-efficiency. It is the world-first solution in such a system that applies a central gasket made of foamed EPDM. It also ensures outstanding parameters in air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load. It is a perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive buildings.


7-chamber profiles of the frame and the sash, made exclusively of prime material in A-class for installation depth of 82 mm.

As a standard, glass package 4/18/4/18/4 of thermal transmittance coefficient Ug=0,5 W/(m2K); the possibility to apply a four-glass package of Ug=0,3 W/(m2K).

As a standard Maco Multi Matic KS fittings with Silber-Look coating, two anti-theft hooks, a wing lift with a blockade against handle misplacement. Optionally the possibility to hide hinges in the fitting notch and application of solutions in anti-burglary class RC 2 and RC 2N.

The window is equipped with an innovative sealing system, available exclusively in Kazarcom Windows offer, that guarantees great parameters in energy- efficiency. EPDM sealing is available in black, grey and graphite colors.

Color range
Wide color range in 43 Renolit film colors that match numerous interior design styles.

Thermal transmittance
Uw = 0,6 W/(m2K)* with three-chamber package filled with krypton
Uw = 0,79 W/(m2K)* with two-chamber package filled with argon

Sound insulation
37-46 dB
*for a window of 1230mm x 1480mm according to test of the CSI Institute in the Czech Republic

Modern design, innovative technology and high energy efficiency in a window!

  1. Application of glass with low-emission coatings of thermal transmittance coefficient that amounts for Ug=0,3 W/(m²K) ensures higher energy-efficiency. The unique parameters are also obtained thanks to the use of krypton to fill the space between the glass panes.
  2. Maco Multi Matic KS fittings as a standard are equipped with a wing lift with a blockade against handle misplacement
    that allows to close effortlessly even the heavy wings.
  3. Big profile chamber with a steel reinforcement or optionally glass fiber reinforcement guarantee perfect resistance and statics.
  4. Windows made of 7-chamber A-class profiles, for installation depth of 82 mm, ensure considerable energy savings. The optimum number and size of the chambers guarantee great parameters in thermal transmittance.
  5. The window equipped with a system of triple sealing: external, internal made of EPDM, and central made of foamed EPDM, which guarantees high energy-efficiency, and the thermal transmittance coefficient is 0,6 W/(m²K)*. Additionally, as a standard the window is equipped with a five-chamber under-sill board with an internal gasket that increases the window tightness and improves its parameters regarding thermal insulation.

Main advantages of Iglo Energy system:

Energy-efficiency, thanks to the optimum profile structure, specially designed sealing system made of foamed EPDM and glass packages of low thermal transmittance coefficients.

Modern design ensured by the slender and rounded profile shape.

High safety level guaranteed by the application of two anti-theft hooks as a standard. The smart control systems with the use of a remote control, smartphone or a tablet, ensure great functionality, usage safety and they enable to integrate the solutions with alarm systems.

Resistant structure, thanks to the stable profile with full steel reinforcement in the frame. In the full reinforcement, anti-theft hooks are screwed to the steel, in the sash, the reinforcement takes the shape of C-beam. There‘s a possibility to apply glass fiber reinforcement which improves thermal insulation parameters of the window.

Wide colour range of the systems that match numerous interior design styles; the offer includes 43 different Renolit film colours.

Great parameters of air permeability and water tightness, thanks to the application of the triple sealing system.

Perfect resistance to wind load, thanks to the optimum reinforcement.

Modern design, innovative technology and high energy efficiency in a window!