Top safety and energy efficiency!

The modern windows in Iglo 5 and Iglo 5 Classic systems represent a combination of beauty and functionality with advanced solutions in energy efficiency. Owing to the sophisticated design and modern technology, they guarantee comfort of usage and low heating bills in winter and reduced electricity bills for air-conditioning in summer. Their core advantages that lie in high safety level ensure peace for you and your family.


5-chamber profiles of the frame and the sash, made exclusively of prime material in A-class for installation depth of 70 mm.

As a standard, one-chamber glass package of Ug=1,0 W/(m2K) according to PN-EN 674. The possibilit y to apply a three-glass package of U=0,7W/(m2K) coefficient.

Maco Multi Matic KS as a standard protected with Silber-Look coating, equipped with two anti-theft hooks and a wing lift with a blockade against handle misplacement.
There‘s an option to hide the hinges in the fitting notch and to apply solutions in anti-burglary class RC 2 and RC 2N.
The possibility to apply twin-fit fittings that guarantee double tilt with one movement of the handle.

EPDM seals available in black, grey and graphite colors.

Color range
Wide color range in 43 film colors that match numerous interior and exterior design styles.

Thermal transmittance
Iglo 5 Classic 1500 x 1500 mm Uw=0,89 W/(m2K)*
Iglo5 1500 x 1500mm Uw=0,95 W/(m2K)*
Iglo 5 1500 x 1500 Uw=0,99 W/(m2K) with closed roller shutters Uw=0,75 W/(m2K).

Sound insulation
34 – 44 dB.
*for a window of 1500mm x 1500mm according to test of the CSI Institute in the Czech Republic

Energy efficient and functional solutions for your home!

Iglo 5 Classic

Uw= 0,89 W/(m2K)*

Profile – the rounded profile line in A class determines the modern design of the window. The original, patented solution creates the unique interior and exterior character. The windows made of high-quality 5-chamber profiles, exclusively of prime material, improve energy efficiency and allow to decrease heating bills.

Fittings – Maco Multi Matic KS fittings with two anti-theft hooks improve the comfort of window usage. The possibility to apply twin-fit fittings that guarantee double tilt with one movement of the handle.

Handles – high-quality aluminum handles, available in a wide color range, improve the window aesthetics and optimize the comfort of window usage.

Hinges – completely invisible hinges (as an optional equipment) hidden between the frame and the sash improve the window aesthetics and emphasize its modern design.

Iglo 5

Uw= 0,95 W/(m2K)*

Frame – steel galvanized frame or energy efficient Swisspacer Ultimate frame available in wide color range ensures a perfect match with the window color.

*for a window of 1500mm x 1500mm according to test of the CSI Institute in the Czech Republic

More advantages:

Iglo window is a combination of innovativeness, functionality and energy efficiency with elegant design. They come in many shapes: rectangles, triangles, circles, trapezoids, arches, limited only by the Client’s demands. The snow-white profile and wide color range give broad possibilities in interior design.

High-quality profiles equipped with special steel reinforcements in sashes and frames enhance stability and window statics, which, combined with Maco fittings with anti-theft hooks, ensures perfect anti-burglary protection. Additionally, the windows are equipped with a blockade against handle misplacement and a wing lift that facilitates sash closing and a micro-ventilation mechanism in a slot.

The big reinforcement chamber of the frame and sash is a guarantee of woodwork durability and resistance. An additional asset is the color stability which prevents windows from fading, keeping their original properties for ages, even in most extreme weather conditions.

Energy efficiency
The optimum profile structure and glass package equipped with warm steel frame of thermal transmittance Ug=0,7 W/(m2K) is a guarantee of energy savings, optimum temperature in the room and high sunlight transmittance. Top-quality construction materials and EDPM seals improve the window tightness, protect against gusts of wind and increase rain-water tightness.

The intelligent control systems ensure great functionality and the comfort of usage. Window control may occur with the use of a remote control, smartphone or a tablet, which gives full control and determines the system’s high quality and its compatibility.