Safe entrance doors is an investment in family peace and comfort. After all, the main and most important function of the door is to ensure safety. Therefore, Kazarcom doors as a standard are equipped with systems that ensure high safety level and constitute great burglary protection. They also guarantee functionality and usage comfort thanks to the smart systems of access control. The company offers cutting-edge systems of door opening and closing.

Did you know that…

In the system of aluminum doors, among numerous types of aluminum panels, we offer the option to apply a panel with a glass application, which gives the door exceptional elegance and allows to achieve very high parameters in safety, energy efficiency and resistance to damage, maintaining a lower door weight.

Smart home

Drutex offers smart solutions for home management. Modern technologies allow to control the door with innovative systems, i.a. the phone or the tablet, which improves safety level and it gives us full control over the woodwork even when we are out.

Fingerprint reader

  • possibility to connect with the reader through a smartphone application
  • modern, quick and easy home access for all the family
  • modern reader design that corresponds to the door model

Bluetooth & Code – unlocking the door with a code and a mobile phone

  • possibility to connect with the reader with Bluetooth
  • great solution for door remote control and access control
  • possibility to connect through a smartphone application

Code keypad

  • reliable and easy access control
  • possibility to connect through a smartphone application

Cards and pendants

  • easy and quick door control
  • high safety level thanks to smart access control
  • attractive design matching door models
  • possibility to connect through a smartphone application

Automatic espagnolette

  • allows to lock the door automatically in three points
  • ensures prevention against door deformation
  • guarantees constant contact pressure over the entire door height
  • improves tightness and acoustic insulation
  • the light and quiet locking thanks to the cranked latch fitted as a standard

Types of panels and accessories

We offer various models of modern aluminum doors that are in line with current architectural trends and Clients requirements. A wide color range and selection of accessories allows to customize entrance door depending on tastes and preferences.

Kazarcom offers a wide range of door closers, handrails and handles that match Clients’ individual needs and improve comfort and the door quality of operation.

Handrails, handles

Door closers


*Apart from the above mentioned proposals we offer the possibility to equip the door with other handrails, handles according to individual order.