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7-chamber, A-class profile, made exclusively from primary material with wing depth of 82 mm.

Iglo 5

5-chamber profiles of the frame and the sash, made exclusively of prime material in A-class for installation depth of 70 mm.

Iglo Energy

7-chamber profiles of the frame and the sash, made exclusively of prime material in A-class for installation depth of 82 mm.

Iglo Light

Original 5-chamber profile of the frame and the sash, made exclusively of A-class prime material, with frame and sash installation depth of 70 mm with 32% more narrow movable post with symmetrically placed aluminum handle (the frame and sash composition is 108 mm, the width of movable post – 112 mm).

MB-45 (cold aluminum)

The modern aluminum system is used for executing elements of architectural external and internal structures that do not require thermal insulation.

MB-70 (hot aluminum)

The system is a perfect solution for executing elements of architectural external and internal structures that require thermal and acoustic insulation.

MB-70 HI

The system is used both in individual construction, as well as aluminum facades.

MB-78 EI

Kazarcom fireproof door is a technically advanced fireproof system that features tightness and fire insulation.

MB-86 SI

A system with very good parameters in energy efficiency and structure resistance.

Aluminum Safety Doors

Safe entrance doors is an investment in family peace and comfort. After all, the main and most important function of the door is to ensure safety. Therefore, Kazarcom doors as a standard are equipped with systems that ensure high safety level and constitute great burglary protection. They also guarantee functionality and usage comfort thanks to [...]

MB-70/70 HI the folding systems

The folding door system allows to execute aesthetic, user-friendly structures that also enable to use the building space very efficiently. This solution is perfect for balconies, terraces or winter gardens, as well as public and commercial buildings.

MB-86 Fold Line folding system

The aluminum system constitutes a perfect solution for building up balconies, terraces and winter gardens. It is made of resistant and rigid aluminum profiles. It enables to open the door outwards.

Tilt and slide MB-70/70 HI systems

The aluminum tilt and slide doors ensure optimum daylight both in big and small rooms. The structures may be applied in individual building as well as in aluminum facades.

Lift and slide MB-77 HS/77 HS HI systems

The system is a solution that offers a comfortable access to the balcony, terrace or the garden space, as well as a lot of daylight in the rooms. It works perfectly in single-family houses, as well as luxurious apartments and hotels.

Winter gardens: MB-WG 60 system

The modern Kazarcom Windows aluminum system enables to create winter gardens, hothouses and verandas that stand out for maximum access to daylight and high energy efficiency.

Façade systems: MB-SR 50N

Aluminum facades are great solutions for glass facades in office buildings, public, commercial and service buildings, in showrooms, hotels, residential buildings, sports and recreational facilities, banks, offices, production plants etc.

Iglo PVC Doors

Original, modern door panels. Kazarcom offers a wide range of PVC doors both in Iglo 5 and Iglo Energy systems that stand out for modern design responding to current architectural trends. The company has developed its own, original door panel systems for PVC doors. The doors match perfectly the building architecture and style of the [...]

The system of external PVC shutters

External PVC roller shutters is a system of shutters integrated with the window. It may be applied for buildings under construction or when exchanging windows. The wide color range of the boxes and guide rails made of PVC and of aluminum armors, as well as various roller drives and protection fulfill all Clients’ expectations and the requirements of modern construction.

The system of adaptation aluminum roller shutters

The system of external aluminum roller shutters has been designed for already existing buildings or buildings under construction. The roller shutter is made of aluminum and it is available in various shades of RAL palette and wood-like colors.

Softline wood system

Windows made in Softline system, of pine or meranti wood are an expression of classic beauty and elegance. We offer wood systems of 68 mm, 78 mm and 88 mm depth.

Wood and aluminum Duoline system

The Wood and aluminum Duoline system is an expression of innovative solutions offering the perfect combination of aluminum and the aesthetics of wood. The system fulfills the strict requirements of energy efficient and passive buildings.


MB-23P is an aluminum system designed for balcony glazing offering open balconies protection from wind, rain, residues and extensive noise. It also improves home safety standards making it more difficult for intruders to enter, especially in the ground-floor apartments.


The MB-SLIDE and MB-SLIDE ST have been designed to meet the needs of users with its easy to operate functions and single or double sliding doors and windows that offer flexibility for variety of project applications.

Folding doors

They can feature open in option when they are based on one of MB-59S, MB-60, MB-70 aluminum profiles or the open out when they employ MB-59S Casement solution.